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4th May 2014
Meredith Effect: Making Sense Of It

4th May 2014
Meredith Effect: Fact or Fiction

9th August 2013
A propeller for compressed air motors

25th May 2012
Analytic analysis of team race performance


Supercool Technical Articles

The following articles are intended to answer a few of the questions you may have on aspects of model aircraft propeller design and performance. They are unrestricted as to content, so you may find some formulae in there. Many people are put off by equations, but please, where they interest you, work your way through them. Propellers are one area where you really do need to have the numbers right.

Most of the articles have been published previously in Australian Control Line News (acln@ozemail.com.au), so I recommend this journal to serious control line flyers, wherever you are.

Also included is "work in progress". This is mainly the use of Doppler effect to quantitate the performance of propellers, plus new methods for the design and fabrication of propellers. 

Meredith Effect: Making Sense Of It NEW

Meredith Effect: Fact or Fiction NEW

A propeller for compressed air motors

Critical Mach Number

Analytic analysis of team race performance

Genocide in Western Australia

Analytic Design of Propellers Part 7: Camber and zero-lift angle

Analytic Design of Propellers - Part 6: Propeller design, compressibility correction

Analytic Design of Propellers - Part 5: Computer code, propeller design

Analytic Design of Propellers - part 4: Flow vector diagrams

Earlier in this series:

Analytical Design of Propellers - part 1
Analytical Design of Propellers - part 2 Determination of C1
Analytical Design of Propellers - part 3 Induced Angle of Attack


Compressibilty: Selection of propeller airfoil section (Prandtl-Glauert rule)

F/F: Longitudinal Stability

Dixielander Trim

Closed-Shell Moulding of Composite Propellers

The Atmosphere  

Gyroscopic Behaviour of Propellers

Power elevator hinging

Measurement of Compression Ratio

C/L: Speed model C/G position


Transonic airfoils Part 1: Negative camber

Transonic airfoils Part 2: Dance of the shock waves

Transonic airfoils Part 3: The shockwave stripped bare

Transonic airfoils Part 4: Local Mach number

Transonic airfoils Part 5: The Glauert-Prandtl rule

Theory of Fluid Dynamics Part 1: Good Grief!

Theory of Fluid Dynamics Part 2: More Grief! 

Theory of Fluid Dynamics Part 3: Pressure

Theory of Fluid Dynamics: Part 4: Temperature

Theory of Fluid Dynamics: Part 6: The maths of axisymmetric flow 

Theory of Fluid Dynamics: Part 5: Propeller Inflow Field 

Theory of Fluid Dynamics Part 7: The maths of 2-dimensional line source flow.

Integrity testing of a new propeller for Giant Scale Pylon Racing models. 25 X 30

Frog 500 - in response to Incorrectly Asembled Engines

Cooling Large Model Engines

A Sticky Situation - by Bob Allan

Incorrectly Assembled Model Engines - by Alwyn Smith

F2B: B X-wing: the Ultimate Failure of the HoG line-tension saga

F2B: The mechanics of yaw
F2B: Automatic line-tension compensation
F2B: Gyroscopic force calculation
F2B: Fabrication of piston rings for Stunt engines
F2B: “Heart of Gold” Gyroscopic Precession
F2B: Proof-of-concept radical design .. “Heart of Gold”
F2B: ST G21/46 diamond lap of piston ring
F2B: Fools Rush In
F2B: Expansion Chamber Muffler design for F2B Stunt
F2B: Stunt, Squish and Singh stunt model engines
F2B: Restoration of old C/L Stunt ringed motors by honing

Some observations on the changing sounds of Aussie English - by Pete Somers
The Munday Engine - by Bob Allan
Covering with Vilene
The Year was 1957 - by Bob Allan
Gig Eifflaender: Progress Aero Works by Bob Allan
Use of glow motors in Vintage Combat 2000

Project North Star
Pearls from Eric Pfalzer
Obscenity of the year.. 2005
Disaster at North Oak

Doppler Wind correction
Herr Doppler helps the Prop Doctor
Doppler Revisited
Remote Doppler Recording
Application of Doppler to F2A
Field test: F3D Remote Doppler Recording

Enya Trilogy- Bob Allan NEW
Enyas - David Zwolak
F2B Enyas
More Enyas! - Bob Allan
Enya 09 - Bob Allan
Enya 29 - Bob Allan
Enya - Bob Allan

Rolf Harris

Wind Turbines
Design of high-Mach propeller tips
Trouble with NACA 4 Digit Airfoil Sections
Reno for Gearheads - G White
Reno from the Pitts - G White
More on cooling airplane engines from Graham White
Ducted Cooling of Airplane engines
Book Review by Joe Supercool
Response to Travelling Dynamometer
Travelling Dynamometer
Return of the Prop Doctor
Acoustic Antenna Part 2
Acoustic Antenna Part 1
Prop Doctor visits Las Vegas
Propeller surface finish
Propeller airfoils revealed
Propeller failures
Propeller flutter
F2A single blade counterbalance
Dead and gone to heaven
Powered hang gliders
Use of PVA release agent
The Breguet range equation
Transonic Airfoils for Propellers
Propeller power absorption and thrust
Pitch comparison between propellers
Empirical determination of propeller pitch
Balance of Propeller/Engine
AT-6 Racing Propeller
Powered hang gliders

Not included is my book, "Propeller Dynamics". This may be purchased from me direct, or from the AMA shop in Muncie, Indiana [fax in USA (765) 289-4248]. 

After much searching through libraries, I realised there was no book that gave a non-technical introduction to the theory of propellers. My book is intended to be read by the newcomer to propeller theory, but also to include insights which may either inform or amuse the professional engineer. My hope was that it would be taken up by the universities as a primer in aerodynamic propulsion courses, but that has not happened. Guess I'm ahead of my time, yet again!!