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C/L and F/F props are now made by Ian Thompson. Contact Ian via iandthompson@msn.com to place your orders..

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Now available, a Monograph on "Critical Mach number", airfoil design with application to propellers.. only $AUD50 post paid anywhere

4th May 2014
Meredith Effect: Making Sense Of It

4th May 2014
Meredith Effect: Fact or Fiction

9th August 2013
A propeller for compressed air motors

25th May 2012
Analytic analysis of team race performance


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Aircraft Modelling Universe

 A site for modellers containing some interesting model plans, aircraft technical drawings, and basic information about dozens of different aircraft types

Let Let Let - Warplanes

 An aircraft modelling website with many nice articles


Academy of Model Aeronautics,  world's largest sports aviation organization

South African Model Aircraft Association


Aircraft Engine Historical Society - a society which fosters an appreciation of the people, art, and science associated with aircraft engine development, manufacture, and use.


An engineering society for advancing mobility in land, sea, air and space.

A site dedicated the the preservation of wooden propellers.