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Propeller Dynamics

Essential reading for model aircraft contest fliers. This is the only book on the market explaining propeller theory in non-mathematical terms. A rattling good read, I know, I wrote it.


Obscenity of the Year... 2005


I note that the University of New South Wales is moving with the New World Order.

The Faculty of Commerce and Economics has appointed an "Executive in Residence"

Here are some quotes.

" Strong ethics guide most business people"

"The point of entry is having the technical skills, but what makes people powerful in terms of getting things done is their ability to work with others"

"Businesses that have a strong set of ethics survive: those that are cut-throat don't survive"

So much for the new-speak. Back in the 60's, this University renamed the Dalton Chemistry building to the Heffron building, after a local politician. So nothing has changed.

Where to next? What with politicians and executives, the only way is up. How about a Faculty of Prostitution, with a "Madame in Residence"? Or a Faculty of Fighting Terrorism, with a "Neocon in Residence": that would attract plenty of funding.

Christmas is coming. How about a Faculty of Christian Business, with a "Santa Claus in Residence"? Might improve sales.

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