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Propeller Dynamics

Essential reading for model aircraft contest fliers. This is the only book on the market explaining propeller theory in non-mathematical terms. A rattling good read, I know, I wrote it.


Fluid Dynamics Part 7: The maths of 2-dimensional line source flow

By Joe Supercool

We now look at the maths involved describing 2-dimensional line-source flow for an incompressible, irrotational (inviscid) fluid. Such a fluid is like water, in which case the topic is called Hydrodynamics. But we will pretend that air also is incompressible, in which case the topic is called Aerodynamics.
The type of maths concerned is called calculus, a subject which is understood by about .0001% of the Worlds population. I will make no effort to explain the calculus, unless I have a neurological fit and realise that I might understand some of it myself!

The rest of this article is available in this Acrobat PDF file, as the web-mistress can be bothered converting all the maths characters to images! My father is so demanding.

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