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26th December 10
Fluid Dynamics Part 7: The maths of 2-dimensional line source flow.

24th December 10
Compressibilty: Selectionof propeller airfoil section
(Prandtl-Glauert rule)

11th May 09
F/F: Longitudinal Stability

2nd May 09
Dixielander Trim

23rd April 09
Closed-Shell Moulding of Composite Propeller


Model aircraft propellers
Custom made for racing

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If you are seeking a comprehensive site on propeller theory, with answers to such questions as "how do I design a propeller for my particular engine and airframe ? " then you're in the wrong place!!

However, if you just want to muddle through like the rest of us, then you may enjoy some of the articles included on this site.

You will also find my pricelist (both for general products and for propellers). This is compulsive reading, so you may want to go straight there. Of the hits on this website, 50% go to the pricelist, and about 15% go to the technical articles, so I guess a lot of telephone-book readers get to this site.

So who is Supercool Racing Propellers.......? Well I'm Joe Supercool (aka Stuart Sherlock). My daughters think I'm a bit weird, ever since I chucked in my job as a nuclear physicist in favour of making propellers for model aeroplanes. I never really understood nuclear physics, and when my research institution was corporatised and downsized, my hobby became a more attractive area on which to spend my life force.

Propeller Dynamics

Essential reading for model aircraft contest fliers. This is the only book on the market explaining propeller theory in non-mathematical terms. A rattling good read, I know, I wrote it.


The fastest prop-jet ever
F84H  fastest prop-jet airplane ever.
And I have to tell you, propellers can really get you in. They really are a beautiful item, complex and simple at the same time!

My propellers are fabricated in composite materials, mainly carbon fibre and epoxy resin. The moulds are CNC machined from solid billets of aluminium, giving the propellers great fidelity to the design algorithms

You may choose from my existing line of propellers, or request custom designed props for your own application. I have a policy of total customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with my product, get back to me and let me know the problem. You would be amazed how many people are reluctant to do this! But remember, its your money, and its hard come by.

So welcome aboard, and I hope you enjoy the content of this site.

Rosemary displays aluminium CNC prop moulds and F1 racing prop