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26th December 10
Fluid Dynamics Part 7: The maths of 2-dimensional line source flow.

24th December 10
Compressibilty: Selectionof propeller airfoil section
(Prandtl-Glauert rule)

11th May 09
F/F: Longitudinal Stability

2nd May 09
Dixielander Trim

23rd April 09
Closed-Shell Moulding of Composite Propeller


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After much searching through libraries, I realised there was no book that gave a non-technical introduction to the theory of propellers. My book is intended to be read by the newcomer to propeller theory, but also to include insights which may either inform or amuse the professional engineer. My hope was that it would be taken up by the universities as a primer in aerodynamic propulsion courses, but that has not happened. Guess I'm ahead of my time, yet again.

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