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26th December 10
Fluid Dynamics Part 7: The maths of 2-dimensional line source flow.

24th December 10
Compressibilty: Selectionof propeller airfoil section
(Prandtl-Glauert rule)

11th May 09
F/F: Longitudinal Stability

2nd May 09
Dixielander Trim

23rd April 09
Closed-Shell Moulding of Composite Propeller


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SERIES: WA State Champs final 2006. Winners Thompson/Bertina in State record time of 6:50, Mazniak with Supercool custom prop. 2nd place Nolan/Fry, 3rd Gannon/Bellis. High standard of flying needed and shown for these very fast racers.

Supercool again wins WA State Champs, Open Power, using O/D, engine K&B40 spinning Supercool 9X4 with the help of 30% nitro. Great turnout of fliers, glorious weather, no wind, soft grass

SERIES: F2C Training day at Whiteman Park, Perth, Western Australia, 6 November 2004. Top pilot Robert Fitzgerald flew in from South Australia  to conduct coaching sessions. His "phantom" model was much appreciated when they were flying 3-up!!  The message to pilots seemed to be, stay close, shoulder to shoulder, small steps on a small radius circle, and move in close to your opponents back when overtaking.

Miss Whiteman Park F2C Princess Rosemary Ayers congratulates  Bertina/Thompson, 3rd place, F2C WA State Champs November 7, 2004  Leknys/Hoogenkamp, second place  and a good thing beaten Group shot, tired but happy racers after a hot, windy, tiring days racing. Not to mention attacks by Kangaroo ticks.  
Morrow/Stivey battled thru for a well deserved First Place. Despite the best efforts of Rob Fitzgerald, the models got ahead of our top pilots, resulting in considerable drama. Stop Racing was called and they all piled into each other  after landing!!  Better the models than the pilots; just shows how tough F2C racing really is.

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