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C/L and F/F props are now made by Ian Thompson. Contact Ian via iandthompson@msn.com to place your orders..

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Now available, a Monograph on "Critical Mach number", airfoil design with application to propellers.. only $AUD50 post paid anywhere

4th May 2014
Meredith Effect: Making Sense Of It

4th May 2014
Meredith Effect: Fact or Fiction

9th August 2013
A propeller for compressed air motors

25th May 2012
Analytic analysis of team race performance


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Conditions of Sale

Plans for Anna Domini F2B now available
Plans for the Anna Domini F2B stunter are again available. Span 60", length 51", suits 40 to 60. Not just a rehash of the Nobler, this large stunter has all the character of a Mack Truck, squatting low on 3" wheels and grumbling around the sky with a nice 45, nothing quite like it! Price $30, shipping extra. See photos attached. Anna1 Anna2 Anna3 Anna4

Timer Restoration
One for all you fossilising F/F guys. Are your KSB, Tatone and Seelig clockwork timers as stiff as your knees? Won't work reliably? Models Gone with the Wind? Let the Prop Doctor clean and oil them for you, with his proven patent pending process. Results not guaranteed. Price $40 for the first timer, and $20 for additional timers in the one order plus $6 for postage.
F/F props
Try the new new new Supercool 8X3.5, 8X4, 9.5X4, 6.2X3.6, 7X4, 7X3.5 and 7X2.8  carbon/glass props, as used by Supercool himself and not advertised on TV! PIC

Bellcranks 25mm (2") glass/nylon, ideal for F2D and small C/L models. Very strong, light. Price AUD1.50 each or AUD50 per order of 50 units. Pic1  Pic2   Pic3 Bellcranks at the Minatogawa shrine, Japan.

 Custom CNC-milled aluminium propeller moulds.
Contours accurate to 15 microns. NACA 4-digit airfoils:camber, t/c, chord and blade angle to your specification or leave it to Supercool to optimise for Mach and Reynolds numbers (Suzuki/supercritical airfoil sections now available).
Our design bureau has 16 years experience with pylon racing propellers.  In-house CAD/CAM software developed specifically for propeller manufacture on our Bridgeport Interact CNC mill; matched to our exclusive aerodynamic design algorithms. Prop Moulds 

  Sidethrust Wedges.
These glass/nylon wedges allow you to offset the thrustline on your profile stunter to give more line tension. Angles of 2.5 and 5 degrees are available. With enough sidethrust, your model will never fall in on the lines. Only $3 per pair. Wedge

 Conditions of Sale

  1. No stocks are held, props are made to order

  2. All orders must be pre-paid

  3. Custom CNC moulding available, ask for quote

  4. Vortex theory computer blade element analysis of existing prop designs available

  5. Minimum induced loss computer design available, now featuring inverse blade element analysis, spinner/cowling inflow velocity correction.

  6. Prices do not include postage and packing

  7. Payment in advance by Paypal.

  8. We may be expensive but we're slow !

  9. F3D and Giant Scale propellers a speciality.

  10. Allow for lead times , we are always booked out

  11. Custom pusher props available.


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