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C/L and F/F props are now made by Ian Thompson. Contact Ian via iandthompson@msn.com to place your orders..

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Now available, a Monograph on "Critical Mach number", airfoil design with application to propellers.. only $AUD50 post paid anywhere

4th May 2014
Meredith Effect: Making Sense Of It

4th May 2014
Meredith Effect: Fact or Fiction

9th August 2013
A propeller for compressed air motors

25th May 2012
Analytic analysis of team race performance


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Denzyl and dad Philip give the ME163 a workout on a windy day in October, 2004 Mingli, Denzyl, Supercool and brand new Dixielander. Mingli, Rosie and Denzyl.
Denzyl: test flights at Meckering. Engine is Enya15-5, prop is Supercool 8x3.5. First 12 flights OK. No trimming required but crashed on the 13th, launched to the left of the wind. Easily repaired.

Dixielander 2000: Note the stab tilt. Plan does not show stab tilt, big mistake. Model must be launched to the right of the wind in a bank, else crash on glide (if not before).

Reunion party with Number One daughter, Beth, also website magician Black texta plus eyebrows = elixir of youth. Rosie doesn't think so.
Corsets, boots and a whole lota woman = elixir of youth. Boxer doesn't think so.

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