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4th May 2014
Meredith Effect: Making Sense Of It

4th May 2014
Meredith Effect: Fact or Fiction

9th August 2013
A propeller for compressed air motors

25th May 2012
Analytic analysis of team race performance



Archived F3D 



F3D04  7.6 x 6.8W C/F 20  
F3D06  7.6 x 6.6W C/F 20  
F3D07  7.5 x6.6N C/F 20  
F3D10  7.5 x 6.4N C/F 20  
F3D08  7.5 x 8 ARA-D C/F 20 F3D08
F3D09  7.5 x 7.6 ARA-D C/F 20  
F3D11  7.5 x 7.5N ARA-D C/F 20  
F3D12  7.5 x 6.5N ARA-D C/F 20  
F3D13  7.5 x 7.0N ARA-D C/F 20  
F3D Phelan 7.5 x 6.6 integral 1.75" spinner C/F 30 F3DSpin1